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Posted by Sanna on Sun Apr 06 2014

Empowered for Surgery 

Major or minor surgery can be frightening. Most people take a big breath, hope for the best, and go to surgery with fears in tow. These fears and anxieties are shown to be associated with an increase in complications and pain, longer hospital stays and higher medical bills. Even wound healing can be compromised. Going into surgery distressed and full of tension increases the probability of the very scenario one fears, and lowers the immune system, too. 

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Posted by Sanna on Wed Feb 05 2014

Mindful Eating: All or Nothing.

Wrong! Anyone can work-in eating consciousness during any meal or snack. There is no need for brown robes or chicken mastication. A real concern about the mindful eating process is "Will I have time to be mindful, or if I am saying, "I have no time to be mindful, is that being mindful enough?" "Look, I am tired of eating, let alone adding to the pain."

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Feel a Need to Suffer?
Posted by Sanna on Fri Jun 21 2013

Do You Need to Suffer? Part 2
"People have a hard time letting go of suffering because there is a fear of- the unknown, being unfaithful and living better than others. We chose what we know over possible relief from suffering."  Sanna

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Posted by Sanna on Fri May 03 2013

Devoted to Woe and Bling, Pt 1

There was a time when I could bank on my woeful life tales for a free meal, a drink, and even jewelry. The repeated telling of my traumas captivated audiences. I amassed enough "Oh my's!" "That's terrible!" and "That B@#%%#$!" to believe that I mattered more because I suffered.

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Posted by Sanna on Wed Apr 17 2013

Think You're A Head Case?

You believe you're alone with how you think because you aren't privy to what's going on in the heads of others. You see them smiling and assume they have clear, productive minds! 

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Posted by Sanna on Fri Mar 15 2013

24 Stupid Reasons To Never Change Your Life. 

  1. Others might not like it when you think and behave differently.

  2. The feeling of happiness could surge unexpectedly and more often.

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