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"Sanna is so easy to talk with. I instantly felt safe with her." ~ Tammy, Pgh.

Talking with a stranger about a personal problem may feel daunting. You might worry about feeling silly or embarrassed. As a professionally trained therapist, who also embraces my personal work, I have the utmost respect for any challenge you present and honor your life path. If you read through the testimonials, the variety of problems clients present are very board, and the successes occur because they took the risk.

I offer these guarantees for your experience when you work with me: 

  1. You are seen at your scheduled appointment time.
  2. Personal trust and confidentiality are paramount. We talk about my credentials, how I work, and the classes, audios, essential oils and yoga services I offer to support your quest.
  3. You receive a complimentary sleep (2 tracks) or stress audio (3 tracks). (Value 35.00)
  4. You leave with insight, followed by written recommendations with 48 hours.
  5. You experience a 30 minute NeuroCoaching phone call as a follow-up.

All sessions are confidential. I am not concerned about your social or economic status -- meaning, if you are of celebrity status. Your work remains private unless you have suicidal or homicidal desires at which time the proper authorities will be notified. 

Of course, you may share your experience with family and friends!

Our Business Together

To keep business running smoothly, I expect:

  • To secure your appointment, a CC is required. At the time of your session, payments can be made by check (payable to Sanna Carapellotti), cash or CC/PAYPAL. The CC information will not be used if you use another payment option at the time of your session.
  • If you do not show up for your appointment, your CC will be charged 75.00.
  • When appropriate, you will receive information on packages for additional personal work.
Length of time for Sessions

The Transformative Initiative experience with Sanna is approximately two hours in length. We process through the existing conflict toward your desired outcome. Processing is different from talk therapy. The process may involve setting up the family genealogy field, tapping on pressure points or imaging with eyes open or closed. The approaches I employ allow me to observe from a larger perspective and to consider the subtleties and hidden elements  of the struggle. Most clients experience mind-body tension reduction faster than traditional methods. Change can occur after the first session although you may require additional processing experiences. 

If you have a diagnosis from a Qualified Professional

If you have a mental health or medical diagnosis, you might require specialized services, which I may not be able to provide. Also, because I am not a doctor, I cannot work with a medical or psychiatric diagnosis you might have. I can refer you to a qualified mental health professional in the area. For certain medical conditions, I will be required to have your doctor agree to services. Please be forthcoming with any information that can be helpful in your work here at Life Changing Energy Therapies.

Children's Services

If you are seeking assistance for a minor, a Parent Consultation is mandatory. I may refer your family to a therapist who specializes in children's services if the situation is outside of my expertise. Parents may, or may not be asked to participate in or observe a session. Sessions with children are confidential. In between a child's session, parent consultations are required and will be charged as a package. Phone consults are available for these consults.


If you experience a personal crisis, I will refer you to the emergency room, a mental health hotline or phone the proper authorities. Pittsburgh area crisis phone numbers are as follows:  

  • Resolve Crisis Network (1-888-7-YOUCAN) 
  • Allegheny County Peer Support Warmline Network (1-866-661-WARM)
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK). 

I am not qualified or equipped to manage domestic violence, physical crisis, suicidal or other aggressive tendencies., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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